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Waterborne Color Putty®


A compact-sized display containing 60 plastic jars (3.68 once each) of Color Putty® top best selling waterborne colors in a sturdy white enamel baked metal rack. This offers down-sized design when space is a concern, yet offers popular colors used today. Rack measures 12 9/16 inches wide, 14 13/16 inches long and 11 5/16 inches high. Includes 10 informational point-of-purchase brochures with initial purchase. All jars are UPC coded. This display offers easy side-by-side selling alongside of our same-sized 60 oil-base assortment.
#200 White #226 Br. Mahogany
#206 Lt. Birch #230 Dark Walnut
#208 Lt. Oak #236 Nutmeg
#210 Fruitwood #240 Briarwood
#218 Cherry #244 Teakwood
Color Putty Assortment #60
60-jar display
25 lbs.
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