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Waterborne Color Putty®
Color Putty® waterborne putty is available in to popular sizes in each of the colors listed below, 3.68 ounce plastic jars and one-pound plastic jars. Open stock colors are packaged as the following: 3.68 ounce jars packed 6 per package, one-pound jars packaged 12 jars per package. One-pound jars can be packaged in assorted colors to make up a 12-jar package. All jars are UPC coded.
200 White 226 Br. Mahogany
202 Natural 220 Lt. Walnut
206 Lt. Birch 230 Dark Walnut
208 Lt. Oak 234 Ebony
210 Fruitwood 236 Nutmeg
214 Maple 238 Pecan
216 Butternut 240 Briarwood
218 Cherry 244 Teakwood
224 Redwood
3.68 oz. refill jars
Shown: 3.68 oz. jars
NOTE: All colors above are available in an oil-based formula.
  1. Stain or seal wood with water-based product.
  2. Fill nail holes or imperfections with putty and wipe clean.
  3. May be intermixed with other waterborne colors for desired shade.
  4. Will not dry to a sandable hard.
  5. Apply one finish coat of water-based sealer or varnish.
  6. Clean up with soap and water.
  7. Try test samples of wood or paneling before using color putty.
    Not recommended for table tops or floors.
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